We have sort of an adorable theme going with this round of the best iPad apps of the week. It starts with a craft app, continues with an animated petting zoo, but it ends with a crazy fish hunting game. Say it while you have the chance: awwwww.

Martha Stewart Craft Studio: Before DIY became a thing, there was Martha Stewart. Her app lets you create all kinds of cards, crafts, scrapbook pages, invitations, and mroe for any holiday, theme or occasion. $5

Petting Zoo: Keeping in with the cute thread is an app full of hand-drawn animal illustrations. You (ok, your child) will browse through to see how critters like pandas, elephants, and octopi react to your gestures. $2

Ridiculous Fishing: This fun game takes the phrase shooting fish in a barrel literal. Except it looses the barrel and lets you catch fish with chainsaws, toasters, and more in a beautifully-designed interface. $3