Music and games are the focus of this round of apps of the weeks. We've got something for everyone, whether you're an Adventure Time fanatic, an F1 racing fan, or a new music junkie.

Magic Radio: You don't need to teach this music app anything, because it syncs with your existing music library to learn what you like. You can continue to hone it, with likes and dislikes, but it's already pretty smart once you load it up. $4/month

Timbre: Finding new music that you love is the best. This app makes that easy to do by giving you tracks to within the app and showing you when those bands are playing shows where you live. Free

Icomania: This game gives you a series of icons that you have to use as clues to guess the word it's getting at. It's like Pictionary for one on your Android phone. Free

Red Bull F1 Spy: Shout out to all the Formula 1 racing fans out there. Find out everything you want to about races know from what drivers are wearing, to facts about the cars, to lap times. You'll basically be able to announce the Grand Prix with all this knowledge. Free

Jumping Finn Turbo: If you love you some Adventure Time, you'll want to load this one up. Princess Bubblegum has been kidnapped, and it's up to you to help save her by flinging Finn as far as you can into the Ice Kingdom. Free