We all lost an hour of sleep this week, but just that one hour is enough to put us in (what feels like an eternal) communal slump. And it certainly doesn't help that spring, that dirty tease of a season, is still just around the corner. There is a respite, though, because this sleepy week was still bursting with beautiful things a plenty. So bundle up, rest your head, and enjoy some of the loveliest things this week had to offer.

The New York Times Gets a Glorious Online Design Overhaul

The New York Times is previewing a new cleaner website design that will roll out slowly in the coming months. The centerpiece of the redesign is the article view, which as you can see in the slider comparison above is completely different. [More]

The Moving Pilu Lamp Will Lean In on You

Leoni Werle designed the Pilu Lamp with a v-shaped angled base that can rotate back and forth from upright to inclined, as if they're spying on you. [More]

It's Too Bad This Zebrawood Wallet In Your Pocket Will Lead To Many Terrible Jokes

A wooden wallet sounds like just about the most uncomfortable thing you could slip into your pocket. But Slim Timber uses thin pieces of zebra and walnut woods as accents for its leather wallets, so they've still got some flex and bend to them. [More]

The Papasan Chair Didn't Look This Good at Grandma's House

Back when your grandparents weren't your grandparents and they were smoking when smoking was still a cool thing and they were traveling to Palm Springs on vacation, they had a chair like the Acapulco Chair. [More]

Watch Gear Pantone Chart: Layers of Gorgeous Time-Keeping Guts

In the horological world, Skeleton watches are some of the most tricky to design and build since all of the timepiece's inner workings are completely exposed and visible at all times. They can also be a great teaching aide, which is why Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet hired artist Krzysztof J. Lukasik to create this tool that lets watch owners learn more about the investment. [More]

Geometric Coat Racks Play Tricks on Your Eyes

These coat racks are deceiving. On first glance, you can't quite tell if they're 2D or 3D, as if you'd lost all depth of field. [More]

Row, Row, Row Your Stress (and College Fund) Away In This Stone Bathtub Boat

Even though giant ocean-going freighters are able to float atop the waves, were your home ever to flood you probably wouldn't be able to take refuge in this 3,500 pound stone bathtub boat from Antonio Lupi. But that's ok, because if you blew your decorating budget on a $75,000 bathtub, the rest of your home will probably be left empty and unfurnished. [More]