It's St. Patrick's Day, and while you may drinking something green, eating corned beef, or partaking in some other stereotypically festive activity, there are also people orbiting the globe in space. Well they're celebrating too. At least Commander Chris Hadfield is.

An accomplish guitar player, Hadfield whipped a version of "Danny Boy" for today, and though it doesn't sound a thing like space rock, it technically is. Aside from the obvious "in space" gimmick, the recording's actually pretty good. Dude knows how to play.

And, most of all, it's just wild to think this is even possible. Just a few short decades ago, putting men in space was a feat. Now, we've got a rover on Mars, and a troubadour serenading us from orbit like it ain't no thang. Who knows what the future holds, but I really, really hope it includes a space-cover of a William Shatner "tune." [Geekosystem]