Did you think a 420-square-foot apartment sounded impossible to live in? Try 240-square-feet. Somehow, New York City architect Tim Seggerman renovated an Upper West Side space to make that postage stamp-sized space feel like work like magic. And he even made room for a washing machine!

Seggerman started with a one-room studio that was in very rough shape. He crafted it into a "jewel box" with various compartments that seem like several different rooms. For example, there's a sleeping loft over the kitchen area. And hidden behind a sliding door is a library nook on one side. On the other is an elusive washing machine—a feature that even some of the largest NYC apartments lack.


In spite of its size, it feels airy and open, with light-colored cypress and bamboo cabinets for storage, and white oak flooring. There's even a beautiful fireplace. The space does more with 240-square-feet than most people do with three times that. [Dwell via Design-Milk]

Image credit: David Engelhardt/Dwell