I'm currently a grad student in Chicago and I was walking home from my campus to my apartment on Friday night. I took this at the intersection of Hollywood/Lake Shore Drive/Sheridan, it's the northern entry onto LSD. I love how this intersection is always busy. I took the photo with my iPhone 4s (because I'm too broke too afford anything else at the moment). I used an app called Slow Shutter to create the light trail and I really like how it came out, especially the fact you can still see the cars waiting on the other side of the intersection. Using iPhoto, I adjusted the contrast and saturation to make it black and white. Hope you all enjoy it!

- Aadil Ahmed

This image was taken in Telluride, Colorado, near a ski lift atop a mountain, after riding a gondola to get there. Being so far away from city light pollution really allows you to see the never-ending amount of stars in the sky. I could not have asked for a more clear night; I could see the Milky way with my naked eye!
Nikon D7000
ISO 8000
f 5.6
32 second exposure

- Amie Hauck

I tend to carry my camera around most places and so it happened, I had it with me at the open air Delhi Jazz Festival this weekend. The band on stage is Imany from France. They were excellent. They played, we boogied and I managed to get a few decent shots.
Camera: Canon 550D
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM
Aperture: f/2
ISO 400
Shutter Speed: 1/250

- Arya Hath Jha

I was excited that this weeks contest would be my first because Los Angeles is beautiful at night. I shot this down the street from my house on Thursday evening around 12:20 am. The fog was rolling in and I wanted to warm up shooting the neon lights of a theater on Wilshire. The lights were off so I figured I walk down the street and see what I might get. This guy came outside and started smoking. The girl had come over from another bar around the same time I walked down to this location. I liked the dude against the lamp post and framed the shot. The guy said something to the girl when she walked in. When she came back out he gave her that hey baby vibe which is why he looks a little creepy. I got lucky and came up with this. The original was in color. I used the black and white layer in photo shop to convert it. I also made some color adjustments and tweaked the brightness and contrast just a bit. My photo was taken on a Panasonic DMC-GH3 using the Leica-Panasonic Summilux 25mm F/1.4. I had the aperture wide open, shutter speed was 1/50 of a sec, sensitivity was set at ISO 1600 and I was using a 3:2 ratio.

- Avi Ross

I took this shot while visiting my girlfriend in NYC on the subway as we headed back to get on the NJ Transit after a long night of walking around lower Manhattan. One of the greatest things about using a rangefinder is that even when you press the shutter you can still see the subject in the viewfinder, I knew the second the train passed and when I pressed the shutter I was going to love this shot. I shot nearly 20 rolls on this trip, all with my Leica and a newly purchased Summilux 50mm ASPH (the first actual Leica lens I ever owned), which set my bank account back quite a bit. After seeing the images it produced and the absolute joy it was using it, I have no regrets buying it. I processed all my b&w film with Rodinal 1:50 which is known for its sharp and rather large grain, a look that I love. Hope you like it!
Leica M7
Summilux 50mm ASPH
Kodak Tmax 400 Film
Developed w/ Rodinal 1:50

- Brett Price

Night View in Chiufen Taiwan
Equipment: 5DMark II + 17-40mm
Settings : F22 S30 iso 100

- Chiahan Li

I work and live in a really rural area of the DRC with no real electricity (beyond my office generator), so I was having trouble thinking of an idea for night photography. Then on Thursday the rainy season began! And with it hundreds of swarming termites. Right at the start of the rainy season, the winged (or "alate") caste hatches to reproduce. I took this shot using one of our outdoor fluorescents as the main source of light and then I added a rear fill-flash, freezing the last second of flight. The strobe-like effect is due to the flicker rate of the fluorescent. I shot the image with an old Nikon d3100 and a Sigma lens (135mm, f4.2, 1/5 sec, 1600 iso). I post processed in Aperture, really punching the 'definition' setting to give the image some grain.

- Cody Pope

As I was walking around my house looking for things to take pictures of I stumbled upon a vase of flowers. Looking down I also noticed the can of lighter fluid that I had left sitting on the counter the night before.The idea then flooded my mind, and I knew I had to set fire to the flowers!
Camera: Nikon D80
ISO: 320
Lens: AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm
Aperture: F/5.6
Shutter speed: 1/2

- Devin Atsatt

Canon T2i, 11mm, 3.5

- Diego Jimenez

"Black Hole"
Inspired by the recent article featuring some similar photos made with paint, and by watching Through The Wormhole, I made another version with smoke and a vacuum. Lots of help from my girlfriend :)

- Diego Ramirez

For the past few months I've been dying to get my hands on an Olympus E-P3 and last week I finally found someone selling one - so needless to say I snatched it up. Friday, after seeing this contest topic announced, I figured it would be a good excuse to check out the noise performance and see what this little interchangeable-lens camera is capable of. This shot was one of those "wow" moments when you walk by and everything just falls into place. It took the go-karters a while to get moving but I thought the juxtaposition of the stillness of the carnival and the blur was a neat contrast. Shot on an Olympus E-P3 at 14mm, f/3.5, 0.77 sec. exposure @ ISO 200 (in an attempt to avoid noise). Adjusted in CS5 for contrast and lens flare.

- Jack Kelly

Photography can be an expensive hobby. However, it is absolutely possible to take beautiful photos with cheap, older equipment. It is also absolutely possible to take horrible photos with expensive equipment. Some don't realize that the most important piece of equipment a photographer has is his/her imagination. For this challenge, I came up with the concept of contrasting 'night' with 'light'. I used an old speedlite from the 1980s with a generic wireless flash setup for this photo. The background is the night sky. I particularly liked how the flash's overexposed burst resembles the female statue's torch from the old black and white intro of Columbia Pictures. The only adjustment in Photoshop was a slight levels adjustment to bring out more of the black night background.
Panasonic GH1 on tripod, Lumix G Vario 14-45mm, @14mm, f/3.5, ISO 125, 1/125s., wireless flash on tripod.

- James Rogers

I was curious to test out Snapseed and using it made some adjustments to contrast, brightness, and color saturation. I took this photo of from my front steps. The gas station shown lights up my neighborhood pretty brightly and generally annoys me. I thought I would try to make something interesting out of it, instead of just silently hating it and the constant stream of drunks coming from it carrying malt liquor.
Shot with a Sanyo Xacti CG 10, ISO-50, f/3.7.

- Jason Yonkers

My name is Josh Matthews and I've been loving photography my entire life, but only recently got a decent enough camera. I really liked the idea of seeing what a lighter looks like striking over a couple seconds. Each one is different and this one was no exception. The swirls coming out along with the flint just looked amazing in black and white. Backdrop is a mouse pad if you can believe that. I'll be taking more of these. This black and white shooting challenge has given me a lot more perspective into shooting in black and white and I'm going to see what I can make of it.


I'm shooting with a Canon Powershot sx260 HS. Shot in manual mode: f3.5, Iso 100, Manual focus, 2 second shutter speed, black and white filter. Post processing was done with Picasa 3. Slight increase to shading and sharpness, nothing else.

- Josh Matthews

Balboa Park San Diego, Ca

I was walking through the park teaching with my friend giving her some tips about photography before she went on a trip. I was showing her that you don't need a tripod to capture photos at night if you use the environment to your advantage. I sat my camera on the ground and pointed it at the fountain capture this image. I loved how the light reflected off the tile and the contrast between the lit fountain and the overall darkness of the park.


Photo was taken with my Nikon D3100, ISO 400, 8 second exposure (I believe) using the Nikon 18-55mm "Kit" lens that came with my camera.

- Joshua Kelsey

I decided to go for a walk with my camera the other night to take some shots at night for this contest. While I was walking in my neighborhood I came across this chair on the curb next to this fire hydrant. I really like the composition of everything in this shot. I also really liked the texture of the beaten up leather chair.

T2i, 1600 iso, 28mm 1.8 lense, shot at f/1.8 and 1/30 sec.

- Justin Baker

I went out to the Marin headlands primarily to look for Comet PANSTARRS, which failed. Couldn't find it in the sky, having stayed an hour past sunset. I thought I had a good view of the sky, perhaps the comet was lower than I hoped and the low clouds and fog interfered. I figured I might as well get more shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. I've stood at this viewpoint during the day, but never at night. I figured a B&W image of the bridge might be interesting because everyone knows its natural color.

Camera: Canon 6D
Lens: Canon EF 24-105 f/4 L
Manual settings: ISO 100, 6 second exposure, f/7.1

- Kevin Lew

"The Great Debate"

Dinner was over as we stood outside not ready to go home. My friends decided on what our night would hold as I snuck this shot of them using my car trunk in lieu of a tripod. During warm Albuquerque nights sometimes just standing outside with friends is all you need.

Nikon D3100
Lens 18-55 mm
ISO 800
Shutter: 10 seconds

- Lucille King

I enjoy walking to and around the neighborhood lake and have often thought about shooting reflections of autumn leaves, snow or sunset there, but whenever I arrive it is too windy/wavy, overcast or frozen. Thinking about this week's challenge I grabbed flashlight, tripod and camera and briskly (it was cold) walked the mile over to the lake, slipped down the path to the dam, ignoring the closed after dusk and stay off the spillway signs to set up on the crest and shoot away. This is my first and favorite shot of a number taken before I got too cold and triumphantly headed home.


Sony a77, Sigma 17-50mm, iso1600, focal length 17mm, F9, 25 second exposure – cropped and exposure tweaked with Laminar, black and white conversion with Photogene.

- Mark Tallent

There was a pretty good fog going on in Chicago on Friday.

Olympus E-PL1, Panasonic 14mm 2.5, @ 2.5, 800 iso, 1/20 sec.

- Matt Duff

This is the Lemp Mansion, located in St. Louis, and it is said to be one of the ten most haunted places in America. Four members of the Lemp family committed suicide, all using pistols, three of which were in this mansion. Suicides were not the only cause of death in the Lemp Mansion; one family member died in a fall down the stairs and a young girl is rumored to have died a violent death in the mansion's attic. I live about a 1/2 mile away from the mansion and it has always intrigued me. I thought Lemp Mansion would be the perfect setting for nighttime black/white photography. I love the eerie glow of the lights in this shot.

Canon 7D (15-85mm wide angle lens), 1/8 sec, f/3.5, ISO 2500.

- Rachel Pawlak

I took this photo when returning home back from work. In this photo I am driving my company's Toyota Prius, listening to ABC Classic FM and taking photo for Gizmodo Shooting Challenge. Having set up on the backseat, secured on the tripod, I activated my camera using a remote control when passing streets of Melbourne in the early hours of the night. The light coming from upfront cars, street lights and a few open shops have made my daily journey a time travel; every thing moving outside, while me being a stationary traveler. Inside the car and me are lit up by outside lights. I had to turn my head to check the traffic and keep the car in control, therefore my face and body is blurred of motion. I avoided to fire a flash to benefit from actual lighting condition.


My camera: Sony NEX 6
Lens: Sigma 8-16 ultra-wide zoom lens to capture this image.
Focal Length: 8mm
Exposure Time: 30sec
Aperture: f/11
ISO: 100

- Reza Marzooghi