Congratulations, you've successfully made it to the end of yet another week. How about a little celebration? We have plenty of goodies to choose from. Take your pick from the Voyager's journey to the edge of the solar system, the first truly beautiful Android, why T-Mobile's LTE network could kick serious ass, the iDumbPhone, a stunningly accurate map of NCAA Fandom, 7 Galaxy S4 features you can have on your iPhone, and more. Check it all out below.

Google's Note-Taking Service Keep Is Live, And It's Wonderful

Google officially announced the note-taking product some time ago, and after it cropped up briefly over the weekend, Google Keep is now really truly officially a real thing on the Internet that you can use. Oh, and it looks terrific. More »

The Insane One-Man Computer Station It Takes to Cover Every Single March Madness Game

When March Madness kicks off tomorrow at noon Eastern time, thousands of sports fans across the country will be suddenly stricken with sore throats, coughs, or other excuses to ditch work and find a place to watch one or more of the 16 college basketball games that will tip off. More »

Why My iPhone Is Better as a Dumbphone

When people see my iPhone they're like, "My God, man, do you have some kind of crazy phone virus?" It's got no web browser. No email. No Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook. More »

It Took Five Years To Make a Beautiful Android Phone

Android has become an enormous success in part by appealing to a lot of people who don't prioritize aesthetics. It's no wonder it's been ugly for half a decade. But finally, it's spawned a truly gorgeous object for everyone: the HTC One. More »

Why Android Updates Are So Slow

If there is one complaint we hear from Android users more than any other, it's the speed at which software updates arrive. Or don't arrive. It's especially tough on tech enthusiasts who read about all the advantages of the new update, but can't get it on their own devices for six months, if at all. More »

7 Galaxy S4 Features You Can Get On Your iPhone Today

In addition to its high-end hardware, Samsung's Galaxy S4 phone comes with a slew of proprietary apps that help improve your health, enhance your photography, control your TV and secure your business data. Though Samsung would certainly like iPhone users to switch platforms for these features, most of them are available in iOS via third-party apps. So before you run to the store to trade in your handset, check out this rundown of 7 Galaxy S4 features you can get on the iPhone today. More »

13 Shockingly Creative Ways Drugs Have Crossed the Border

Let's clear this up right now: drugs are bad, smuggling is a crime, drug lords and their traffickers are black-hearted, vicious, malignant persons. But you have to admit: they're pretty damn creative. And the means they've used to get their product to their customers through the years are nothing short of extraordinary. More »

The Most Accurate Map of NCAA College Basketball Fandom

Like it or not, Facebook is a pretty good barometer if what people like. So it's fun when it gathers up its considerable data troves and spits out maps of stuff we like. Today it broke down the fans of teams in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. More »

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Left the Solar System

For the very first time, a man-made object has reached the cosmic abyss beyond the farthest reaches of our solar system. As of today, Voyager 1 is the first spacecraft to begin the endless journey into deep space. More »

Why T-Mobile's 4G Network Could Kick Everybody's Ass

A lot of people wrote T-Mobile off when its big merger with AT&T fell through last year. The pink carrier had no iPhone, no 4G. But with yesterday's announcement of the company's official LTE rollout, it may have just put itself in a position to offer something no one else can. More »