You get to the end of the week and your eyeballs are just about ready to fall out of your head. Don't let that happen. Here's a little restorative reprieve in the form of the most beautiful things we found this week.

Iceberg Ahead! Oh Wait, That's an Apartment Building

You know what trumps boring loft building after boring loft building after boring loft building? An apartment complex that looks like a giant iceberg, like this one in Aarhus, Denmark. [More]

21 Wonders From the Future of Decor

The Architectural Digest Show-running from Friday through Sunday in NYC-will make you wish you had a huge house and unlimited funds with which to decorate it. From crazy range hoods to beautiful woodworking to outdoor showers, the show floor has just about everything you could imagine adorning your home with. Here are some of the best things we saw. [More]

Unzipping Antique Gadgets Shows Off Glorious Guts

If only it were so easy as unzipping the case off of a camera to see its amazing insides. It's not, but Chinese art student Hu Shaoming reworked a bunch of old gadgets with zippers so you can peer at their innards. [More]

The Light-Filled Louver House Is Not a Barn

The Louver House is situated on the edge of an agricultural reserve in Long Island. Sheathed in a skin of slatted louvers that flood the place with natural light, it's supposed to capture the feeling of a traditional barn, although barn it is not. [More]

Christo's Gigantic Indoor Balloon Will Dwarf the Senses

The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude have been staging large-scale site-specific art installations for decades. These projects have ranged from a red curtain spanning a Colorado valley, entire buildings literally wrapped in fabric, and thousands of orange gates lining Central Park in NYC. They are all grandiose-and Christo's latest effort doesn't disappoint. [More]

It Took Five Years To Make a Beautiful Android Phone

Android has become an enormous success in part by appealing to a lot of people who don't prioritize aesthetics. It's no wonder it's been ugly for half a decade. But finally, it's spawned a truly gorgeous object for everyone: the HTC One. [More]

You Will Desire This Watering Can Even If You Don't Own Plants

There aren't many plants in my small NY apartment, but I would throw down for this beautiful watering can out of pure respect for form. [More]

A Multi-Functional Table With the Layers to Match

Unfortunately, space-saving and beauty don't often go hand-in-hand, so when something like the multilayer Toldo Table comes along, we're glad to take note. [More]