At around 8 o'clock tonight, a meteor that's been described as "huuuuge green" and "very bright" and "blueish" and "glowing green" and "pretty big" and "very slow and bright green" was spotted across the east coast of the United States from NYC to DC to Baltimore to West Virginia to Boston and basically any big city where millions of people live. But unlike the Russian meteor that exploded over the sky, no one has a freaking picture of this American space rock.

That means the Russians—equipped with their ubiquitous dash cams—are much more reliable at capturing images and video of meteors than we are. The Russians are beating us, people! Is it seriously possible that no one on the entire east coast managed to snag a picture? It's been hours since the meteor was first spotted and all we've gotten is this:

There's some green in there and it looks pretty big. I want to believe! But nope. It's supposedly from 2010.

The one above is from Instagram user @cmetsy7 but is at best, unconfirmed for the moment.


There are more pictures floating around the social webs that are obviously fake, hilariously fake, possibly fake and fakingly fake. It's been over 2 hours. In a second-by-second world where every tween has an Instagram account, every baby is reserved a Twitter hashtag and every mom has Facebook, is it seriously possible for something to not be documented by people and immediately posted online anymore? We'll see. [USA Today, Huffington Post, Twitchy]