Sometimes it's refreshing to find a song with a very candid title. Enter They Might Be Giant's "You're On Fire," which is not only a kickin' tune, but also literally about people being on fire. There you go.

Off the band's brand new album Nanobots, "You're On Fire" is an unusually straighforwardly rocker, for a They Might Be Giants song, anyway. Actually, it shares a bit in common with another classic I've covered, "Til My Head Falls Off." While the instrumentation lends itself to off-beat and call-and-response guitar blasts that echo in stereo , the lyrics are predictably absurd. And before you ask, no I'm sorry, we don't have any articles about combustible heads.

If you're not the kind of person who's keen to sit down and listen to a They Might Be Giants album front to back—and I can't necessarily blame you—"You're On Fire" should serve as the perfect, bite-sized dose of craziness you didn't know you needed. My point is: your head's on fire. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]