As you scroll through these 34 exquisite hyperrealistic paintings, something strange will happen. You'll start doubting your eyes, then your brain, then these images. You'll become convinced that at least a few of them are photographs and not acrylic paint. They have to be.

But you know what? You'll be wrong.

Click on the images in order to take a closer look at the full paintings!

Denis Peterson: Off the Track. Urethanes on wood panel.

Robert Bechtle: Berkeley Pinto (John De Andrea and his Family next to Bechtles Car). 1976, oil on canvas.

Gérard Gasiorowski: The approach. That's me, who needs to make enormous efforts to keep himself on the surface of things. 1970, oil on canvas.

Don Eddy: Untitled (Volkswagen). 1971, acryl on canvas.

Malcolm Morley: Portrait of Esses in Central Park. 1969-1970, liquitex on canvas.

Tom Blackwell: Gap Outlet, Waterside Shops, Naples, FL. 2004, oil on canvas.

Tjalf Sparnaay: Supersandwich!! 2013, oil on linen

Anthony Brunelli: Monument Square (Troy). 1997, oil on linen.

Peter Maier: 1908 Indian Racer. 2005.

Allan Gorman: Macho Dream. 2013, oil on canvas.

Richard Heisler: Shinjuku Sunset II (100 Views of Tokyo). 2010, oil on linen.

Charles Hartley: Bahama Surf. 2012, oil on Polyester.

Chris Jenkinson: Good Morning America. 2008, oil on board.

Matteo Mezzetta: Dj #2. 2010, oil on canvas.

Jerry Ott: Pretty Picture #1. 2011, acrylic on panel.

Hilo Chen: Beach 125. 1996.

Clive Head: 42nd Street, Sunday Morning. 2001, oil on linen.

Ron Kleemann: Red Bull Sitting. 2011, oil on canvas.

Richard McLean: Lynne's Brymar Shantytown. 1991, oil on linen.

Bertrand Meniel: Breakfast at the Fairmont. 2009, acrylic on linen.

David Parrish: Midway. 2007, oil on canvas.

Richard Estes: The Plaza. 1991, oil on canvas.

Méhes László: Lukewarm water I. 1970, Acrylic on canvas.

John Salt: Blue Mobile Home. 1992-93, oil on linen.

Audrey Flack: Shiva Blue. 1973, oil over acrylic on canvas.

Ben Schonzeit: Hot Peppers. 2011, acrylic on polyester.

Raphaella Spence: Empire State. 2012, oil on canvas.

Robert Gniewek: Rosie's Diner #10. 2011, oil on canvas.

Ralph Goings: Miss Albany Diner. 1993, oil on linen.

Luigi Benedicenti: Autunno 2. 2011 , oil on panel.

Sharon Moody: The Amazon Tricks Me. 2012 , oil on panel.

Hubert De Lartigue: Sushi. 2010 , acrylic on canvas.

Juan Cossio: Fortune's Wheel. 2012, acrylic on panel.

Top image: Marilyn Minter: Bazooka. 2009, enamel on metal.

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