Between unbelievable balloon art, a scaly aluminum aquarium, and a Google Image Search art project, we have beaucoup beautiful things to show you this week. Take a second to gander at the gorgeous things we found in art, architecture, and design this week.

Of Course This Stunning Building Is an Aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium is the most aquarium-like aquarium you've ever seen. Cloaked in aluminum shingles that evoke fish scales, it's shaped like an ocean wave. [More]

Google Image Search Has Never Looked So Good

Stop what you're doing right now and start scrolling through this Tumblr of colorful images of planes and bridges and mats and packaging and other everyday items morphing into each other. It's called I'm Google, an ongoing art project that finds beautiful patterns in otherwise benign and boring images Google Image search results. [More]

Beautiful Collapsable Cubicles Are an Office Rat's Dream Come True

The cubicle is a horrid monster of office design. While they might be functional, it's never pretty to section off your office into endless false walls, resigning workers into their own little pockets of a giant ice cube tray. The designers at Taylor and Miller Architecture and Urban Design have a beautiful solution that even packs in some extra features. [More]

The Rio Bonito House Fully Lives Up To Its Name

The The Rio Bonito House is set in a lush mountainous area in eastern Rio De Janeiro. It looks the the perfectly pleasant weekend getaway, but more than that, the design is notable because of the balance of both delicate and strong materials. [More]

A Delicious Craft Beer Deserves a Glorious Handmade Growler

If you want to drink fresh, limited-release microbrews, then a growler is indispensable. You see, the truly great stuff doesn't come in bottles: You need to go somewhere that has it on tap get them to sell you a hearty pour. [More]

A Sculpture Made of 10,000 Balloons Redefines Balloon Art

Jason Hackensworth is a balloon artist, but not the kind that wears oversized shoes and has been the villain in a 1990 horror movie. He's known for his balloon sculptures of biological forms and creatures, like this anemone-like sculpture, currently on display in the Grand Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. [More]

If All Embassies Looked Like This There Wouldn't Be Any Wars

Believe it or not, this is the Dutch Embassy in Ethiopia. It doesn't look like your average bureaucratic building, but perhaps more government agencies should take cues from not just its unusual aesthetic, but how the architects-Dick van Gameren and Bjarne Mastenbroek-drew influence from two different cultures. [More]

If All Embassies Looked Like This There Wouldn't Be Any Wars

When you gaze at architecture firm Zaha Hadid's new tower, you imagine two jazz hands raising up to the sky as high as they stretch. [More]