This week was all about utility: getting exactly what you need, as fast as you can. Whether it's a flashlight app beautifully pared down to the essentials, or a travel app that compiles everything you could possibly want and more, you'll be able to conquer virtually anything with ease. Of course, this also means you have no excuse for being unproductive this week. So, we do apologize for that.

HLP Flashlight: There's certainly no dearth of apps floating around with the sole purpose of turning your phone's LED bulb into a makeshift flashlight. So if you're someone to whom design is an afterthought (at best), you'll probably be perfectly content keeping what you already have. For the rest of you, though, HLP Flashlight for iOS is a simple, elegant take on a utility that's more or less become a necessity. And there are even a few fun kicks thrown in, to boot. Free

Shopster: Almost everyone's been there at some point or another: after lugging armfuls of newly purchased groceries home, you put everything away only to realize you've forgotten the one item you actually needed. A minor problem, maybe, but near-infuriating, nonetheless. Fortunately, Shopster can help. $1

TripWhat: Traveling, even when its meant to relax, can be an immensely overwhelming experience. And sifting through the endless sea of apps supposedly meant to "ease" the process doesn't exactly help the situation. TripWhat, however, takes those apps you already know and love and combines them to make one, comprehensive conglomerate of an app that takes at least some of the pain out of trip planning. Free

Feedly: With the impending death of Google Reader, RSS fiends are scrambling to find a replacement platform. And options abound. Feedly knows this, and it wants to make your transition to the other side as painless as possible. Meet the revamped Feedly mobile app. Free