Rough week? We've got everything you need to unwind. How about a very NSFW YouTube music video, a list of weird celebrities who are getting Google Glass, some Microsoft nostalgia, Mark Zuckerberg's secret AngelFire shame, or the most awesome camera stabilizer—and most awesome GIF—we have ever seen. All that and more below.

Officially NSFW: YouTube's Naked Lady Problem (NSFW) (Updated)

Until last week, I'd never actually listened to anything that Robin Thicke had released. Then someone dropped Blurred Lines into our group chat. And, well, I liked it. Because, well, nekkid. Rather than disappear into a cloud of censorship, the YouTube left the video up for six days. More »

28 Glimpses Into North Korea's Technological… Prowess?

By now you may think that North Korea is only good for nuclear bluster and general insanity. But! Beneath that strange veneer lies actual technology, architecture, and design. More »

8 Random Celebrities Who Are Getting Google Glass

When Google started its Glass-giving spree, it picked out some odd picks. It got so bad that some of those offers got pulled. But you can bet these celebrity winners will get their copies. More »

34 Hyperrealistic Paintings You'll Swear Are Photographs

As you scroll through these 34 exquisite hyperrealistic paintings, something strange will happen. You'll start doubting your eyes, then your brain, then these images. You'll become convinced that at least a few of them are photographs and not acrylic paint. They have to be. More »

The Indestructible Touchscreen Kiosks That Will Take Over New York's Subways

Over the last few weeks you might've heard about the ultra-futuristic information kiosks recently developed for the New York City subway system. It's sci-fi stuff, thoroughly modernizing the arteries of an often creaky metropolis. And we headed down to New York's financial district to check out a working prototype for ourselves. More »

How NASA's Nuclear Rockets Will Take Us Way Beyond Mars

The first people to step on to the surface of Mars won't arrive aboard the chemical-fueled rockets that delivered Apollo 11 to the Moon-they simply don't provide enough thrust to get to the Red Planet before exposing their crews to months of dangerous space radiation. Instead, NASA is turning to long-ignored nuclear-thermal rocket technology to deliver the first Martian explorers into history. More »

This New Camera Stabilizer Could Change Cinematography Forever

A new piece of filmmaking gear was just announced that could completely re-invent the complex process of camera stabilization. It's currently being tested and endorsed by Vincent LaForet, who's given us a little taste of what it's capable of. More »

Bill Gates and Paul Allen Recreate Iconic 1981 Microsoft Photo

Back in 1981, Bill Gates and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen pulled of an audacious feat: they licensed MS-DOS to IBM, but in a deal that saw them retain entire control of the software. To mark the occasion, the pair were photographed amid a sea of contemporary computers-and now they've recreated the image. More »

Holy Crap, Is This Mark Zuckerberg's Embarrassing Childhood Angelfire Website?

The word on the interwebs today is that this 1999 Angelfire page belongs to one Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, that Mark Zuckerberg, which means this could be the very first website that the hoody that made Facebook ever created. If true, it's a time machine into the 15-year-old brain of the most powerful man on the Internet. More »

How Far Do You Run Playing Different Sports?

While watching sports, have you ever stopped (midway through a bowl of Cheetos) to wonder, "How far are those guys actually running?" It's a common question, one that's historically been subject mostly to guesswork, Thanks to some recent technological developments, though, we can now actually apply some data to it. More »