Burner: The Single-Serving Phone Number App Is Now for Android

You may already be familiar with the iPhone version of this disposable phone number app, but Burner has just opened up its brave, new, anonymous world to Android—use it wisely.


What does it do?

Cornered into an awkward situation with a doe-eyed, phone-number-requesting stranger? Selling your couch to a potential weirdo on Craigslist? Making a deal with a drug lord? Whatever the motive for your discreetness desire may be, Burner wants to help. You'll get a fake number that you can keep around for as long (or short) as like, and once you're done with your aforementioned deed, simply kill it. Anyone trying to call that number again will discover that it has mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Why do we like it?

Sure, this can be used for some sketchy situations, but there are tons of totally non-illegal reasons to want a temporary number! Telemarketers, online forms, and anyone you deem unworthy gets what they're after while you never have to be bothered. Plus, with the free download of the app, you'll also get a free burner number with 5 talk minutes or 15 messages. After that, things can start to get a little pricey—the most basic level gets you 3 credits or a 7-day-long number with 20 talk minutes or 60 texts. So this is probably something you'll want to dole out sparingly. But for those times when it is necessary, the benefit's worth it.



Download this app for:

The Best:

Choosing the number's lifespan

The Worst:

Can get pricey


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