Do you want a Nexus 7—the best small Android tablet—for a cent under $100? Of course you do, and as of this writing it can happen at Tiger Direct. However, this is not an easy deal, and it requires quite a bit of attention on your part.


Right now Tiger Direct is selling a 8GB Nexus 7 bundle that comes with Total Defense Premium Internet Security for $170, which isn't a screaming deal. The antivirus software that's part of the bundle isn't well known and you probably don't want it. However, with that crappy software comes a $70 rebate that brings the effective price for the Nexus 7 to $100.

The rebate instructions are here, but you're not out of the woods yet. The rebate requires you to have an active subscription and installation to Total Defense Security at the time you submit the rebate. But that shouldn't be too hard or too expensive, because the software that comes with the bundle comes with a free subscription. You just have to remember to cancel it lest you get charged.

So send in the rebate, cancel your unwanted antivirus subscription, uninstall the unwanted antivirus software, and wait patiently for your money. Once it comes, congrats! You just scored a tablet that doesn't suck for $100—something that hasn't happened since the legendary TouchPad firesale. [TigerDirect]


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8GB Nexus 7 ($100) | Tiger Direct | Originally $170
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Dealzmodo Exclusive: Great Noise-Cancelling Headphones $100 Less Than Amazon


Back in January I posted Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 headphones as the deal of the day. I thought it was a pretty good deal for two reasons: One, these headphones won the Gizmodo battlemodo for best noise cancelling headphones, and two, at $200, they were a cool $100 less than Amazon.

A lot of you guys agreed, and the headphones sold out two hours after the post went up. That was fine; it was a hot deal. But the guys at Buydig noticed the rush, found more headphones, and got in touch with me to do it again. I told 'em to put the word "Giz" in the code.


So if you missed out last time, here's another chance to get excellent noise canceling headphones for cheap. They're $200 with the code GIZ2020, and like last time, they're still $300 everywhere else. You'll be seeing this promotion on the deal forums in a couple hours. [BuyDig]

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 Noise Canceling Headphones ($200) | | Originally $300 | Use coupon code GIZ2020

Bonus Dealzmodo Exclusive!


The ChargeCard is a total "why didn't I think of that" concept. It's a credit-card sized charging cable for your smartphone. Since you rarely go anywhere without your wallet, it's more likely to be on your person when you actually need it. The reviews aren't in yet, because it's still in pre-orders, but if you want one when they come out, you should plug in the code Gizmodo, because it'll knock the price from $25 down to $20. They come in Lightning, 30-pin, and micro USB flavors, depending on what kind of connector you want to sit on. [Chargecard]

Chargecard ($20) | Chargecard Project | Normally $25 | Use coupon code Gizmodo


Bamboo Solo Stylus ($15) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains | Originally $25
64GB Sony Micro Vault USB 3 Flash Drive ($40) | Nothing But Software via Dealmac | Originally $50
1TB Silicon Power External HD ($68) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $90
Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet + $20 GC ($80) | Dell via Ben's Bargains | Originally $80
1TB Buslink NAS ($185) | Mwave via Dealmac | Originally $220



6 Outlet Surge Protector ($12) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains | Originally $20
Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan ($19) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains | Originally $25
Singer 7470 ($273) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains | Originally $350



Some pretty good Macbook bargains in here | B&H Photo via Photography Bay


Klipsch Image S3 Headphones ($15) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains | Originally $25
Portable 300W Kustom PA Sytem ($300) | Musician's Friend | Originally $600



SimCity + Mac Copy [Origin] ($32) | Gamefly via Digital Game Deals | Normally $60 | Use coupon code "GFDAPR20"
Bioshock: Infinite [Steam] ($45.99) | GreenManGaming | Normally $60 | Select $14 cash or $15 credit
Dishonored [PC] ($20) | Newegg via Ben's Bargains | Originally $40 | Use coupon code EMCXSXL237
• Pre-order The Last of Us ($49.99) | Newegg via TechBargains | Normally $60 | Use coupon code "EMCXSXL248"
Tomb Raider ($45.99) | Amazon via Digital Game Deals | Normally $60
Tomb Raider Survival/CE ($75.99) | Amazon via Digital Game Deals | Normally $100
• Pre-order Splinter Cell: Blacklist ($49.99) | Newegg via TechBargains | Normally $60 | Use coupon code "EMCXSXL249"
Tomb Raider ($45.99) | Amazon via Digital Game Deals | Normally $60
Tomb Raider Survival/CE ($75.99) | Amazon via Digital Game Deals | Normally $100
Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition ($14.99) | Amazon via Daily Game Deals | Normally $30
Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition ($17.33) | Amazon via Digital Game Deals | Normally $20
Wii U
• Pre-order Resident Evil: Revelations ($39.99) | Amazon via SlickDeals | Normally $50


More gaming deals over on Kotaku's Moneysaver.


Physical Media


Digital Media

Amazon $3 MP3 Albums ($3) | Amazon via Fatwallet | Originally $10 | Some good stuff,Roy Orbison, RATM covers, Modest Mouse



Gap Slim Khakis ($34) | Gap via Reddit | Originally $60
30% off Bags | eBags via Ben's Bargains | Use coupon code EMEBHF
25% Off J.Crew Factory | Gilt City via Dappered


Dumb TV → Smart TV

Not today.


14" Vizio Ultrabook + 128GB SSD ($600) | Microsoft via Laptopaholic | Originally $900



Dell Touchscreen All-In-One With 2560x1440 27" Screen ($1475) | Dell via Ben's Bargains | Originally $1800 | Use coupon code P5K5054ZBB72CW



Asus Transformer Pad TF300 ($250) | Dealfisher via Reddit | Originally $300


23" Acer LED 1080p Monitor ($130) | OfficeMax via Monitoraholic | Originally $180
23" Asus 1080p Monitor ($140) | Newegg via Monitoraholic | Originally $190 | MIR on page



T-Mobile has a new promotion where a used iPhone 4S basically wipes out the upgrade cost to an iPhone 5. While I haven't carefully parsed the fine print, it seems to value a used iPhone 4S at about $220, which feels low to me.



Sunpak Tripod ($35) | B&H Photo via Ben's Bargains | Originally $70
Refurbished Nikon D600 ($1600) | B&H Photo via Photography Bay | Originally $2000
Canon EOS C300 Cinema Camera ($14000) | B&H Photo via Photography Bay | Originally $16000


Bare Drives

1TB Hybrid SSD ($120) | Amazon via The Cheapskate | Originally $150




PicTapGo ($1) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $2
Magic Mind ($1) | iTunes via TwoDollarTues | Originally $2
TextGrabber ($5) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $10


iPad Only

Fetch ($4) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $5


GoneMAD Music Player ($1) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $4
Another World ($2) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $5



TurboCAD for Mac ($250) | MacUpdate via Dealmac | Originally $500


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