If you're thinking about starting a collection of limited edition Blu-ray sets for your favorite movies and TV shows, you better make sure you've got ample shelf space on your home entertainment center for a bunch of disembodied zombie noggins.

Available for pre-order for $105, the limited edition Blu-ray collection of The Walking Dead: Season Three comes in what appears to be a miniature curio cabinet filled with a small sampling of backlit zombie heads. The set also comes with loads of behind-the-scenes content and extra features, but most fans are probably only going to be buying this for the tiny freak show.

And space-wasting or not, it's hard not to love these over-packaged collections. Remember the The E.T. Anniversary Edition Blu-ray that came in a light-up spaceship? Or the eight versions of Iron Man when it hit DVD? Who cares if these sets are just the studios last ditch attempt to strike back against digital distribution, that doesn't make them any less awesome. [Amazon via GeekAlerts]