Whether your unquenchable thirst is for knowledge or something a little more... alcoholic, this week's set of apps will have you covered. And once you're saturated with either, there's even something to help you keep it all together—which you'll be especially thankful for where the latter's concerned.

Strophes: While lyric reading app Strophes has already been in the Mac App Store for a while, more often than not, it's when you're on the go that you'll need to whip out lyrics at a moments notice. So whether want to sing along or end a friendly argument about the correct words (or lines... or paragraphs...), Strophes has finally arrived in pocket form, ready to offer sage lyric wisdom at your every whim. [Free]

Piki: You may already be familiar with Turntable.fm's standalone app that lets you and your friends stream and listen to music together, but their newest offering for iOS is a different kind of music-sharing beast altogether. [Free]

Minibar: Cocktail apps are nothing new, but as they generally appeal to a demographic practically willing to drink gasoline so long as it'll give 'em a buzz, none really offered the refinement and knowledge we were looking for. Nothing, that is, until Minibar. [$3]

Flowboard: Photo collages and scrapbooking can be dull, arduous processes that don't transfer well to your digital life. And most web and mobile apps meant to translate the process will often take just as much time, but Flowboard lets you create an easily shareable, beautiful product in a matter of minutes. [Free]