This week's crop of iPad apps helps you get your work done quick and easy so that there's plenty of time left over for fun—which you'll find down below as well. Enjoy.

Flowboard: Photo collages and scrapbooking can be dull, arduous processes that don't transfer well to your digital life. And most web and mobile apps meant to translate the process will often take just as much time, but Flowboard lets you create an easily shareable, beautiful product in a matter of minutes. [Free]

Videograde: Practically all non-professional video is shot with a mobile device these days, so it only makes sense that you're able to edit your video as quickly and seamlessly as you shoot. One of VideoGrade's best qualities is that it doesn't sacrifice simplicity for function or vice versa. Large, easy to use buttons make for an incredibly user-friendly interface, but you can still do practically all the editing you could ever want as a consumer: adjusting saturday, brightness, contrast, recovery, and black and white among other things. The best part? You can even set the adjustments to only affect specific zones. [$5]

Cut the Rope: Time Travel: Chances are you've played the original Cut the Rope at least once before, but in the same vein as Angry Birds' many spinoffs, the popular puzzle game just came out with its newest incarnation. Time Travel carries the exact same style of gameplay, but with a whole new set of levels to keep you occupied for unhealthy amounts of time. [$1]