All I wanted to do after a crazy week in Boston was to ride my bike. And so on Sunday, I toured the Esplanade, a small path that's sandwiched between the Charles river and Storrow Drive. I took pictures of the trees blooming, the sun setting and my ugly bike. I felt relaxed and it felt good. I wanted something that portrayed my feelings calm and ease and this was the best I could come up with. My bike, sitting at the mouth of a dock and a nice person with their dog at the end of it.
Nikon D800
Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm f/4.0
1/1600 sec
ISO 400

- Aaron Hwang

I wanted to do the anything challenge, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. My niece suggested that I take a picture of something new.. something I've never tried or done before. With that in mind, I decided to bring my Sony Cybershot with me on my first ever 5k. This was the Color Me Rad 5k, so I knew if nothing else, I would get some colorful shots. I couldn't even see through the viewfinder through all the color dust in the air, but I blindly shot photos anyway. This was a group of runners who found themselves back in a color zone after the race. The lined up and had a friend of theirs unload a bag of dust over them. It's not the best framed photo in the world, but I think it captures how much fun and color this event actually is!

- Amanda Jaeger

I have a cat named Oolong, who I believe is possibly one of the best cats in existence. Of course, I believe my opinion is just a tad bit biased. However, I decided to take a picture of the amazing Oolong to share with others, just to show how awesome she is, and what a great cat model she makes. So behold, the outstanding Oolong!
This photo was taken with my Nikon D7000. F-stop at f/5.6, exposure 1/20, ISO-1600, and a focal length of 105mm.

- Bryndan Bedel

I would have loved to grab a shot of this foal's birth but I missed it by a few days. Instead I went to the ranch to follow around 4-day old Legend as she learned the ropes from her mother. Most of her time was spent sleeping and nursing but at some point the exhausted mother went to grab a drink of water and naturally the foal followed along. I don't even think the baby was drinking; she was just putting her head in the bucket like her mother was. Shot on my Nikon d600 and Tamron 70-300 @300mm. f5.6 | 1/400s shutter | 3200 ISO.

- Dan Durakovich

It was raining in Seattle Sunday, which didn't stop us from going to the Woodland Park zoo to see the wet lion cubs. They didn't seem to mind and neither did we.
Fuji F900EXR in P mode: 1/200s, f/5.3, ISO 800. Edited in Lightroom and Nik Sharpener Pro.

- David Lee

Using the "no excuses" line as my motivation, I set myself out to take an image for which there was no excuse. Originally, I was planning on making a composite image by taking the face shot and the roach shot separately but my subject seemed less than intimidated by the arthropod and I had to oblige. If I could conjure a single justification for this image it is that we should all be more conscious of what we choose to eat. Many foods today contain ingredients that we would not otherwise consume and increased awareness could empower people to make healthier choices with their diet.
This image was captured using a Nikon D5000 sporting a 50mm f/1.8g at ISO 200, f/8.0 and 1/100's of a second shutter speed. Two studio strobes were used. One as a main light and the other on the background and to soften the shadows a bit. The cockroach was already dead and didn't have any other plans that night.

- Diego Barrera

This is Axel the french bulldog playing fetch.
Canon T2i, 55mm, F2.8, ISO 100

- Diego Jiménez

As part of my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration, my family visited the tide pools. The grandchildren worked together to collect these shells for them.
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
Canon EF 35-70mm f / 3.5-4.5
ISO 100
f / 9

- Eric Jones

My husband I recently moved back to his hometown of Geneseo, Illinios from Alaska. I have to tell you the views are far less spectacular than they were in Alaska. But this little midwest town does have some charm in it's old buildings. I love spending time walking around town admiring the details they they use to include in the architecture.
The camera body is a Nikon 7000 with 18-105 lens. F-stop 5.6 ISO 500 focal length 500 exposure 1/100.

- Erin Frederich

Not that we need any more cat photos online, I wanted to do something neat for the anything challenge but Florida weather prevailed and damped out basically everything. The cat here likes to go on these crazy running sprees and hide above one of the towel cupboards. Grabbed a few shots as she stared down at the camera and loved the way the light lit half of her face.
Shot on a Canon 400D, f/4.5 @ 1/125, ISO 400

- Jack Kelly

I was out at JFK airport in NYC taking pictures of the buildings and the architecture. There are a lot of wonderful shapes all around that no one pays any real attention to. I came upon this building and it struck me as being unique. I wondered how it would look processed in HDR.
The picture was shot using a Canon 550D camera with a 50mm 1/4F lens. I made a total of four RAW shots at 6.3F ranging from 1/4000 to 1/400 second exposure and 400 ISO. Evaluative metering, Aperture Priority mode and landscape picture style was used. The shots were combined in Photomatix to make the HDR. A little bit of cropping, adjustments and unsharp mask was applied using GIMP 2.8 to bring out the coloring. The end product was colorful but not too surreal.

- John McNamara

I was determined that this was going to be the week I would undertake my first Gizmodo shooting challenge. I eagerly awaited the announcement of the topic only to find it was open slather: photograph ANYTHING! I decided to take this opportunity to have a go at the sandwich bag challenge! Without a sandwich bag in the house, I opted with cling wrap, which was super easy to wrap around the lens as it loves to stick to itself. These lights are in my lounge, and I'm often looking up at them and watching the pretty patterns as the shadows dance on the ceiling.
Nikon 3100, AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5

- Kathryn Sullivan

I've had this idea for sometime now, but finally had some time after work to shoot it. It was originally a 124 image Brenizer cropped down to what you see here. I shot it by myself as you can imagine it was quite difficult to manage.
5D Markii, 85L, and natural light. Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop CS6.

- Kyle Ford

Didn't know what to take a picture of, but my neighbor had some relationship drama going on, so decided to take advantage of that and took a picture of the roses that she left outside. After taking the picture, I realized that I would say unwanted love is the worst love of all.
The picture was taken with an Olympus E-PL1. ISO 125, f/3.5, 1/25 sec exposure. Edited in Lightroom 3.

- Lucas Lin

A friend of mine was getting a bigger aquarium for the fishes. So i could get the old aquarium to play around. Nils and me we built a couple of weeks ago a custom made laser trigger. So I set up my little studio with the laser trigger, a SB900, another snooted SB900, Macro Lens and my D700.
I had to darken the room and started to throw things into the aquarium. That is what came out :-)
F8, Iso 800, Exposure 1Sec, 105mm

- Markus Enderlin

This weekend was the Rural Hills Highland Games just outside of Charlotte, I thankfully remembered to bring my camera along and spent the day taking pictures of just about everything. This picture is is of one of the professional highland athletes throwing a weight called the clachneart or "stone of strength". Always fun to watch, the games are even more fun to take pictures of, just glad this one turned out well.

My wife and I went on a walk to just relax and enjoy the early spring weather. As we were walking back and the sun was setting, this bird landed on a branch and sat there with an open mouth.
I shot it with my Rebel xsi at
300 mm
ISO 400.
I edited the file in Lightroom.

- Rob Huber

Just last Weekend I realized, that my mirror telephoto lens has doughnut-shaped bokeh. So for the challenge this week I really wanted to try something completely out of focus. I took four tea lights and tried different arrangements. Took the Picture and colored it my favorite color. Sure you could do the same purely digital without taking a picture, but it wouldn't be the same. Sadly JPEG compression hurt this image a bit.
Taken with my 500D and my Walimex Pro 500mm f/6.3 with ISO 800 and 1/25s.

- Tobias Ammann

Watching F1-Bahrain and hunger creeping in on me like a champ in the DRS Zone, decided to make a confusing breakfast. So I made an open-faced Pupusa with veggie-scrambled eggs on top, along with some tea and cookies (which are underneath the whisky glass with the cherry-blossom flowers inside).

- Trishal Khetia

Around last week the idea sort of popped in my mind to take clean, stylized pictures of lighbulbs and filaments. I'm probably not the first one to come up with this but what the heck, I thought it'd be fund. Since incandescent bulbs are now banned in France I had to order a few with interesting filaments from a specialized shop. I actually have 7 different bulbs in this series but this one's my favourite - I just like the overall balance.
I shot it with my Fuji X-E1 and kit 18-55 zoom at 55 mm, f/22, ISO 200. The image is a combination of two shots: one with the bulb on, a 9-stop ND filter, and 4-second exposure (the filament), and another with the bulb off, no filter and also 4-second exposure (the glass). I probably could have done it in one shot if I had a variator to have the bulb running at low power. The main challenge was to find two appropriately-placed vertical light sources for the side highlights; in the end I took the shot in my parents' kitchen - I was visiting - at night, with the garage and living room doors ajar. Whatever works! Anyway. I think it turned out OK.

- Wealon Bouillet