William Gibson has long been known as something of a prophet, predicting everything from reality TV to "cyberspace" itself. Way back in 1981 AD, he imagined something very similar to Google Glass when he introduced us to Molly Millions, the badass cyborg with a screen-like digital eye augmentation. But we'd yet to see Gibson weigh in on Glass. Until now.

Last Friday, Gibson was speaking to a sold-out crowd at the New York Public Library when someone in the crowd invited him to try out their Glass for a few seconds, captured on film by photographer Joe Kendall. Gibson ended up enjoying it:


Yesterday, he followed his reaction up with a bit of speculation, echoing others who've wondered how Glass will evolve beyond the current frame design:

For pete's sake, someone get this man a Glass! If Neil patrick Harris and Soulja Boy both get a pair, why not Gibson? You know his #ifihadaglass would be better than everyone else's.


[Mashable, image courtesy of Joe Kendall]