Take beautiful shots, drink responsibly, cover up bodily functions, and improve your phone. Sound like an unattainable amount of multitasking? Not really, if you have this round of the best iPhone apps of the week to assist you.

Drippler: Already a favorite among Android users, Drippler's highly helpful, personalized suggestions and tips are finally making their way into the hands of iPhone users everywhere. [Free]

Akatu: Whether you just started dating someone or are hanging out a friend's, you're generally going to prefer that they not hear the symphony of sounds you're making in the bathroom. Sure, you can turn the shower on as a ruse—but our planet is strained enough as is. Fortunately for both you and Mother Earth, Akatu is here to help.

FocusTwist: While we'll still have to wait a bit for Lytro powers to come to our smartphones on a hardware level, we can at least approximate the neat little camera's refocusing powers with what we've already got. And this is where FocusTwist for iOS steps in. [$3]

BACtrackAn experienced imbiber has a pretty good idea of when they'll return to the land of the sober based on what type, and how much hooch they've consumed. But if you need a more detailed ETA on when you might be able to drive, walk, or even stand again, the BACtrack breathalyzer connects to a smartphone app for a more detailed analysis of your condition. [Free (Device $150)]