Adults shouldn't have all the fun. This week's set of iPad apps includes something for the kids as well as a beloved, improved toy all your very own.

Drawnimal: It seems kind of ridiculous to integrate an iDevice into crayon and paper drawing time. Some things are sacred. But for kids who are addicted to all of the screens in their lives DRAWNIMAL might be a useful transition.[Free]

Netflix: While it may not be quite the total overhaul some were hoping for, Netflix has just released a not-quite-major but definitely more convenient update to its iOS app. [Free]

Coloc: Coloc is a simple, beautiful RGB clock in which the main screen shifts its color field according to the hour, minutes, and seconds of each day. The main screen contains eleven touch related changes to the overall form of the screen with a choice between displaying four fonts native to iOS in either black or white, a flow diagram of how coloc works, a brief description of the fonts used as they are related historically in pairs to each other and a 'physics' screen where ornaments from the Bodoni font are randomly generated and collide with each other and the boundaries of the screen. [Free]