Olive Seon built this terrifying Lego Mothra (モスラ), showcased in all her lepidopteran glory. She's featured using her signature ability, entrapping her enemies with silken spray. Mothra is likely laying waste to New Kirk City here (in revenge for the kidnapping of secret fairies by evil, greedy American businessmen).

This is a fantastic build, featuring loads of details, incorporating modular Lego buildings and utilizing color for a dramatic effect. It's a wonderful homage to Japanese monster (kaiju) films, where Mothra is often an ally of Godzilla, but frequently opposes him as she sees him as too destructive. She's made an appearance in several films since her debut in the early '60s. Personally, I'd like to see this developed into a series of Lego builds, showcasing the complete lepidopteran life cycle of this beautiful beast, from massive egg to a caterpillar with glowing eyes, to the mighty Mothra in her glory. [Flickr]

Photos by Olive Seo

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