Newly Released Files Show Steve Jobs Gave President Clinton Unsolicited Cabinet Recommendations

President Bill Clinton and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs were buddies before Jobs died of cancer in 2011. Jobs even gave Clinton advice in the middle of the Lewinsky scandal. But the details of the relationship between the two men have been pretty scarce. Newly released documents from the Clinton Presidential Library…

You Should Probably Buy a Set-top Box or Streaming Dongle, No Matter What TV You Have

Smart TV features are for the most part terrible, so if you’re looking to pipe Netflix or whatever service into your television, you’re best off buying a smart box or dongle. We would never suggest that you shouldn’t invest in a big beautiful new screen—you cannot watch Game of Thrones on an Apple TV alone—but don’t…


Another Familiar Villain Could Be in Justice League After All

An unlikely Iron Man 3 character could return for Avengers 4. Could Taiwanese subtitles hold the key to some of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s trailer mysteries? Fantastic Beasts 2 starts teasing the arrival of Nicholas Flamel. Plus, a new Thor: Ragnarok clip and Mitch Pileggi on his new X-Files rivalry. Spoilers now!