There's Another Announcement About A New Flying Car And It Makes Me Hate What I've Become

What happened to me? I used to be the sort of person that loved hearing about the flying cars we’d all enjoy in the future. The very idea was thrilling, the technology ingenious, the potential inspiring. But now, when we get emails about new flying cars like this one called the Switchblade, I find I’m just a cranky,…

Familiarize Yourself With The Other Star Wars Canon With This Massive ComiXology Sale

I was never a comic book person growing up, though I was and still am a Star Wars person. But there’s no sense in not digesting everything that has the Star Wars name on it for the sake of staying a purist. Some canonical literature is fan fodder, and some is really, really good. Find what you like during this massive Star Wars sale from…


io9 Roundtable: Revisiting The Force Awakens on the Eve of The Last Jedi

This week, the next chapter in the Star Wars saga finally hits screens. There’s excitement in the air, but before we dive into the new, we at io9 decided to glance back a couple of years and reminisce about The Force Awakens, the movie that kicked off this new trilogy, and what it still means to us going into The Last