Here's How Honda's 'Musical Road' In California Was Done Wrong Not Just Once, But Twice

Back in 2008, Honda wanted to be cute and destroy a stretch of California road with grooves spaced out to play “The William Tell Overture” in tire noise as you drove across it. Well they got the grooves wrong and it sounded terrible. Not just the first time—the road workers got it wrong again when they had to relocate…

This One-Day Amazon Sale Will Give You The Right Socks, Underwear, and More For Your Workout

Whether it’s a knee brace, compression shorts, or a ventilated duffel bag, this Amazon Gold Box is a god send for those of us that work out. Get the no-show socks you need, or that ankle brace you’ve been needing, even moisture-wicking boxers briefs. Though, if you need to stock up, you’d better do it fast, because


Microsoft and Justice Department Will Square Off in Supreme Court Over Critical Privacy Case

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a critical case over data privacy, the outcome of which will likely determine how easily law enforcement can gain access to information stored in tech companies’ overseas data centers. Microsoft will go head-to-head with the Justice Department, arguing that the…