The Last Jedi's VFX Supervisors Shed Light On The Complex Process of Bringing Snoke to Life

Taking Supreme Leader Snoke from a vague hologram to a physical presence was one of the biggest challenges for the visual effects team on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the process was a complex push and pull between the director, the effects artists, and Andy Serkis, who portrayed Snoke in motion capture and voice.


Here's An Extremely Rare Deal On Our Readers' Favorite VPN Service [Exclusive]

It’s not hard to find good deals on VPN subscriptions, but our readers’ favorite service, Private Internet Access, is notable for hardly ever running sales. Just for our readers though, they’re opening back up their holiday offer of two years for $60, down from the usual $70. That’s just $2.50 per month to protect…


Black Women Are Black Panther's Mightiest Heroes

As more and more of the public flocks to theaters to catch a Black Panther screening, much of the conversation’s been dedicated to comparing and contrasting T’Challa and Killmonger’s opposing views on the role Wakanda should be playing—and should have played—outside of its borders. But the reality is that Black Panther…