Unwind Under a Weighted Blanket For the Best Price Ever

Weighted blankets can work wonders for your anxiety, and you can score an all-time-low price on this 15 pound blanket from Amazon today. They’re just $61 with promo code YKHY7HK3, making this the best weighted blanket deals we’ve ever posted at that weight and size. Not to stress you out, but we wouldn’t expect this…

Warwick Davis Still Has Hopes for a Willow Sequel

A feline-shaped comic book easter egg could be in Captain Marvel. No, you’ve not seen the first look at the Sonic the Hedgehog movie’s Dr. Robotnik. Titans promises a bloodthirsty Dick Grayson. Plus, new looks at First Man and The Grinch, and cryptic clues for The Good Place’s return. To me, my Spoilers!

Senate Unanimously Passes Music Modernization Act, Improving Artist Payouts From Streaming Giants 

The Senate cleared a bill late on Tuesday, the Music Modernization Act, that will dramatically restructure the way royalties are handed out to artists and others involved in the creation process—although it did so under heavy opposition from satellite and digital broadcasting services, namely Sirius XM and Music…

Oh, Right, Keanu Reeves Has a Sci-Fi Film Called Replicas Coming Out

Last year, a Keanu Reeves sci-fi film called Replicas showed up at New York Comic-Con and debuted a trailer. Later, a release date was set for August 24, 2018, which has now come and gone with no fanfare or film release. Now, a new trailer has been released...which is odd, considering we first heard about the film a…

Court Rules FCC Must Release Records That Could Explain Fraudulent Net Neutrality Comments

A federal judge ruled last week that the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (currently chaired by Donald Trump appointee Ajit Pai) must release records related to millions of fraudulent public comments filed before the agency repealed net neutrality guidelines last year, Ars Technica reported.