California Is About to Get Pounded With an Atmospheric River, Raising the Risk of Mudslides

A series of monster storms will leave California’s mountains white and set rivers roaring over the back half of the week. The Golden State is looking at feet of snow and hurricane-force winds, and because of all the areas burned by record-setting fires the past two years, a serious risk of mudslides.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Sure Loves Trump's Hotels Now, and Boy, What a Coincidence That Is

T-Mobile is still cruising towards a $26 billion merger with Sprint, a deal that would combine the third- and fourth-biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. into one massive company. And after the deal was announced in April 2018, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday, T-Mobile executives quickly grew fond of a D.C.…

This Spinning Sleeve Makes Your AirPod Case Even More Fidgetable

As much I love my AirPods as headphones, the best feature of Apple’s wireless earbuds has always been their fidget-friendly charging case. I’m honestly shocked I haven’t broken the little magnetic lid from all the time I’ve spent absentmindedly clicking it open and closed to keep my hands busy. And now, thanks to Air…