Prepare For Hot Summer Nights With Buffy’s New Cooling Comforter, the Breeze

Don’t sweat it, hot sleepers. Buffy’s new comforter, the Breeze will keep you cool while you catch those zzz’s—and it will give you peace of mind, too. The Breeze is 100% made from soft, breathable eucalyptus fiber, and according to the brand, it’s the first comforter to be completely plant-based.

If You Care About Privacy, Throw Your Amazon Alexa Devices Into the Sea

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we learned that humans were monitoring Amazon Alexa commands, essentially spying on users in the name of product improvement? Well, we’ve got some more bad news about the always-on microphone that we’ve all invited into our homes. Employees at Amazon can “easily” discover any user’s…

Lego's Newest Sets Leverage the World's Most Popular Toy To Teach Kids Braille

A couple of years ago, design agency Lew’Lara\TBWA created a set of Lego-like bricks that used the plastic stubs to recreate the patterns that make up the braille alphabet. It was such a clever way to help encourage blind or visually impaired children to learn braille that Lego is officially releasing its own Braille…