A $45,000 Lounger That Automatically Turns to Track the Sun

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It's often said the world isn't fair, and nowhere is that more obvious than when you're sprawled out on a lounger trying to soak up a little sun, and it won't stop moving across the afternoon sky. You can write all the angry letters to Neil deGrasse Tyson you want, but the only solution to the problem (besides getting up and moving) is this $45,000 lounge chair from Remmus that automatically rotates so you're always getting a full blast of sun.

The lounger's got other obscene features too, like an inductive charging pad for your smartphone, a cooler for drinks, LED accent lighting, a waterproof sound system, a misting system, and even a call button for a waiter. But it's its ability to automatically track where the sun is in the sky and ensure you're either shaded, or enjoying its warmth, that will have people unloading a hefty chunk of change. There's even a battery powered model so you can use it on the beach without needed an obscenely long extension cord back to your villa. [Remmus via Luxury Launches]