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A Better Camera Sling Inspired by Marine Corps Rifles: Luma Loop and LoopIt

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The original Lumaloop was an excellent, simple camera sling. The new Loop and LoopIt (for point-and-shoots) use a new sling connector—from the company who invented the one used on US Marine Corps rifles—to instantly attach and disconnect cameras.


Unlike other camera slings that attach only to the tripod mount, the Loop'll connect to any strap mount point on the camera. Combined with the new sling connect system it's more flexible than the original. (To wit, the LoopIt isn't just for smaller cameras, it's for any kind of smaller gadget that you'd wanna carry around on a sling. Like a radiation detector after you emerge from a nuclear fallout shelter.)


The DSLR-sized Loop is $70, while the LoopIt runs $35. [Luma Labs]