A Blurry Look at PUMA's Sporty, Solar-Powered Cell Phone

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There's been talk of sportswear company PUMA going into the cellphone business and—based on the teaser website just launched—it looks like we'll really be seeing a solar-powered, super-sporty cellphone soon. For now we just have a blurry picture.


The clever boys over at MobileCrunch took the time to rifle through the source code of the PUMA Phone teaser website and managed to gather these tidbits about the device:

  • It'll be called the "PUMA PHONE"
  • As the PUMA brand implies, it'll be aimed at sporty folks with a feature-set to match.
  • It has a solar cell built-in, presumably for charging the phone
  • GPS
  • Video Chat
  • Bike/Run tracking applications
  • Pedometer (Step counter)
  • Built-in stopwatch
  • A "Music Turntable"
  • Sports news app, IM app, and various other PUMA-branded apps which "give you access to the PUMA world"

Sounds like the phone would be more athletic than I. [PUMA Phone via MobileCrunch]


If I'm not mistaken, Samsung has a prototype of some sort of solar powered phone a couple of CES back. Can't remember when though. But still, without a greater solar panel efficiency, I wouldn't even bother to consider it as a feature.