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A Cellphone Plan That Helps Make the World a Better Place

It's pretty safe to assume that your cellphone bill is bigger than you'd like it to be. With the help of a new service provider called GIV Mobile, you can slice a little chunk off every month, but it'll go to charity instead of your pocket.


GIV Mobile is a MVNO operating on T-Mobile's 4G network, and offers a pair of non-contract plans: $40 unlimited everything with 250MB of data at 4G speeds, or $50 unlimited everything with 2 GB of data at 4G speeds. That's a pretty standard offering as far as non-contracts go, but GIV Mobile lets you pick up to three charities on a pre-approved list, and each month they'll donate 8 percent of your bill to your picks every month, automatically (up to $50 a year). The charity list includes heavyweights like the American Red Cross, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and the American Cancer Society, with more on the way.

Charitable urges aside, GIV seems like a decent deal on its own; its plans are actually $10 cheaper than the T-Mobile counterparts (with slightly less data). You can send off for a free GIV Mobile SIM—which will work with any GSM phone—starting today. When it comes to features you can pick up with your plan, being a halfway decent person is a pretty unique one. What's that? You're going to just do that on your own? Suuuure. Yeah. OK. [GIV Mobile]

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Frankly, the only reason why I'm on Verizon, and the only reason why I hesitate to switch to one of these smaller, more service-oriented carriers (Ting, GIV, etc) is the coverage. I switched from Sprint to Verizon because of the really spotty coverage I got. If these other providers have similarly spotty coverage, then I can't see myself switching to them, regardless of how much I'd like to. What is the coverage like for these "indie" providers?