Meet Tim. Tim’s head was filmed in with 53 GoPro cameras. You can zoom in and out on every last pore on Tim’s head. Tim’s head is a marvel of 3D filmmaking.

Tim is actually the founder of TimeSlice, a VR company that aims to create so-called “4D” films with its monster rig of over four dozen GoPros. Each camera films the subject, and then TimeSlice’s software uses the footage to create a 3D movie file. What’s “4D”? It’s 3D movie files captured by many cameras, which makes the finished product actually look three-dimensional, which most 360-degree videos don’t right now. In conventional 360 videos, you can move the explore and look around, but things still appear flat. Not so with Tim’s head.


TechCrunch points out that lots of companies are playing with makeshift GoPro rigs for 360-degree videos and Cardboard VR. But what TimeSlice has done with its 53-camera-strong behemoth is create images that are actually 3D, not 2D 360-degree vids, like what you’re used to seeing in Google Street View.

Go ahead an play with Tim’s 3D head. It’s kind of like spinning and squeezing Mario’s noggin in Super Mario 64. Don’t forget to click and drag so you can spin Tim around and creepily see his face through the back of his head. Pretty cool, if a little a reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter.

[Sketchfab via TechCrunch]

Images via Timeslice