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A Fender Stratocaster Made From Cardboard Still Sounds Incredible

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Best known for their experimental snowboard creations, the folks at Signal Snowboards have now teamed up with an LA-based company called Ernest Packaging to use cardboard to recreate things you’d never expect to be made from paper, staring with a recyclable Fender Stratocaster.

Many of the cardbocaster’s (our name, not theirs) components are the same parts you’ll find on an actual Fender guitar—like the strings, frets, pickups, and pick guard. But the instrument’s body is made from layers and layers of corrugated cardboard arranged so that it’s mostly see-through.

Making a guitar from cardboard that looks the part isn’t terribly difficult. But making a guitar from cardboard that can be played and sounds like a traditional Fender Stratocaster is the real achievement here. It’s also almost certainly much lighter than the real thing making it the perfect choice for epic guitar solos and countless encores after a long concert performance.


[Ernest Packaging via Signal Snowboards]