An intricate device like a camera doesn't seem like an obvious build-it-yourself project. But when there's a will there's a way, and one way is Last Camera. It's a 35mm film camera you put together for some real-life Instagrammy, analog fun.

This little black box comes with 2 interchangeable lenses, a 22mm and 45mm. It also has a little slider on the back for adding light leaks—the color streaks that are actually mechanical error but are beloved by moody and vintage photo enthusiasts everywhere.

Last Camera isn't the first of it's kind. Lomography has a similar put-together kit, but I always found it pretty ugly. Last Camera has a minimal look that I wouldn't mind decorating a shelf with, let alone snapping pics.

Sure, it comes from kind of a shady sounding company, Superheadz, but it's only $50 on Amazon. Great for someone wanting to dip their toes into film photography, or who just wants a fun Sunday project! [via PetaPixel]