You can make man made rainbows with this giant LED glow stick

Rainbows are visual desserts, you're always happier after you see them. But we don't see them enough! Not with a Pixelstick though. It's a giant stick that has 198 LEDs that can be programmed to display colorful rainbows, 3D cubes, pulsating magic carpets and so on in your light paintings. Basically wave, set your camera to long exposure and create awesomeness.

Awesomeness like this:


A Giant Tube of LEDs Can Turn Anyone Into a Glowing Graffiti Artist

Light painting is rad: a long exposure, a dark background, and a flashlight all come together to make an eerie, sci-fi effect. High-tech, LED-powered light painting is even cooler, but so far it's been a fringe hobby for die-hard DIYers. Pixelstick, with a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign, wants to put crazy nighttime picture and GIF-making powers into anyone's hands.


Brooklyn-based Bitbanger labs (the folks behind the kooky Remee "dream controller" sleep mask) put 198 color LEDs on a six foot long collapsible aluminum stick, slapped on a brain box with a SD slot, and powered it all with eight AA batteries. The controller automatically turns any image on the SD card (Photoshop files or the like) into a light-up mirage, each LED becoming a pixel as you wave the whole contraption around. A sleeved handle in the middle of the luminescent wand helps create Spirograph-style illusions with a spin.


Bitbanger hopes to offer the Pixelstick for $300 if it clears the Kickstarter goal. After that, the psychedelic rainbowy GIFs are up to you. [Kickstarter via This Is Colossal]