A GPS Surfer's Watch That Keeps Track of Every Wave Conquered

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Metrics and data analysis are a big part of any sport. Every athlete is always pushing themselves to be faster, stronger, and better, and now even surfers have a way to keep track of their performance when they hit the surf (other than knowing they survived) with the Search GPS watch from Rip Curl.

The waterproof wearable uses built-in GPS hardware and other motion sensors to track how many waves you rode, the top speed you hit on your board, and of course where exactly your surfing adventures took you.

That data can all be synced back to an accompanying smartphone app that lets you map the course you took so that you can determine where your best surfing moments took place, and remember where the best waves were. Pricing and availability for the watch haven't been revealed just yet, but with a monochrome LCD display and buttons instead of a touchscreen, it might actually be affordable for less-than-employed beach bums. [Rip Curl via DamnGeeky]