Haven’t you always wished that Bruno Ganz and Charlie Chaplin could co-star in something other than your dreams? Now, they are—along with almost a thousand other iconic actors and actresses. Check out the mind-boggling trailer from Final Cut, the world’s first feature-length film snipped entirely from other movies.

It took Hungarian director György Pàlfi three years to edit together footage from 450 different films to create Final Cut, which he describes as a "found film." Unsurprisingly, it's a love story, simultaneously starring hundreds of famous faces culled from film history. You'd think the effect would be a bit twee, but the trailer is actually very compelling—in the words of festival organizers, it "taps directly into the cinematic subconscious."


Pàlfi's masterwork premiered last year, but it's making its way to LA this month as part of the Everything Is Festival—if you're nearby, buy tickets here. The rest of us will just have to hope that the full feature-length film makes its way online, not just this tantalizing tease. [Everything Is]