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A New Batman And Several New Robins Are Debuting In DC Comics

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

DC are planning a few changes to their ongoing series ahead of the Convergence event hitting their titles soon, but according to Batman writer Scott Snyder, the end of the Dark Knight's current arc could transform the character, as well as his ward Robin, in some pretty significant ways.

First up, here's DC's solicitation for the final part of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Endgame arc, teasing the début of an "All-New Batman", as well as Capullo's cover for the issue:

The all-new Batman makes his debut! Who is he, and what happens next? Find out here as a new era begins in Gotham City!


Well, that certainly sounds like Bruce Wayne — who's had a hell of a lot of trouble fighting a seemingly unkillable Joker in the current arc — might hand over the Bat-Mantle to someone else in the near future. And the smoking gun held by that decidedly militaristic Bat-mech definitely raises a few questions too!


It wouldn't be the first time that it's happened, but it also may not be as simple as the end of Bruce's turn as Batman. Speaking to Comic Book Resources, Scott Snyder had this to say about the coming changes:

I'm not going to spoil it specifically, but I can tell you unequivocally, it is the boldest, weirdest, biggest thing we've ever tried on the book. I'm not being hyperbolic: You'll see it, and you'll be like, "I can't believe they're doing that."

... I pitched Greg this thing: "If we do 'Endgame' the way we're going to do it, it's going to change everything." A transformative story that ends and burns down everything, and starts something brand new. We toyed with calling it "All-New Batman" afterwards because it's so different.

So it has to be something a lot weirder and crazier than a mere passing over of the Batman name to someone else, judging by that description. Snyder's run on Batman has seen a few good changes for the character, but the idea of it all being stripped away for a new era of Batman adventures certainly sounds intriguing to hear.

But it's not just change that's coming to Batman, it's coming for Robin too. Or should that be... Robins?


Making its début over at USA Today yesterday is We Are Robin, a new series from DC due to release after the Convergence event which sees Batman's long companion become more than a single character, but instead a rallying cry for a new movement of kids.


We Are Robin, written by Lee Bermejo, focuses on a cast of diverse characters (part of an an initiative at DC post-Convergence) including African-American character Duke Thomas, who's actually appeared in a few of the main Batman comics recently. Duke is initiated into the "Robin movement" to protect and serve Gotham. An all new Batman, and a legion of young Robins to protect the city? It definitely seems like some pretty major changes are coming to the Bat-Family in the near future.

Batman #41, which will finish off the Endgame arc, will be out in July.

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