A New Beetlejuice Documentary Will Go Behind the Scenes of the Horror Cult Classic

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Poster art by Kyle Lambert.
Poster art by Kyle Lambert.
Image: Patchwork Media

If you love Beetlejuice as much as we do, you might think you know everything about the movie—but as the new trailer for Documentary for the Recently Deceased reveals, there are still plenty of fun secrets to be shared about the making of Tim Burton’s 1988 horror-comedy classic. We’re excited to debut it today on io9!

OK, first and foremost, how cool is it that the town used for Beetlejuice’s location shooting (East Corinth, Vermont) still looks very much the way it did back in 1987? And just based on that three-minute snippet, it sure sounds like the documentary is going to provide all kinds of inside scoops from people who were really there, including some key production team members (like the film’s Oscar-winning make-up artists).

Here’s some background on the doc, courtesy of producer Lee Leshen:

French filmmaker Fred China has teamed up with producers Adam F. Goldberg (The Goldbergs, Schooled) and Lee Leshen (Back in Time, Ghostheads, Waldo on Weed) to make a documentary about the creation of the Tim Burton classic Beetlejuice, entitled The Documentary for the Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice. Julien Dumont serves as the film’s cinematographer.

The doc will cover all the aspects of the Beetlejuice production: from the filming in East Corinth, Vermont, to the stop motion and special effects work, and will include a series of exclusive interviews with cast and crew, as well as rare behind the scenes footage acquired by the production.


And here’s another version of the awesome artwork by Kyle Lambert, whose style you may recognize from his work on the Stranger Things posters.

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For more information on the film, including its Kickstarter (it’s already funded and no more donations are being accepted, but the page has more details on the project), you can visit the Documentary for the Recently Deceased (excellent title, by the way) website right here.

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