A New Bloodshot Trailer Introduces the Super Soldiers Vin Diesel's Gonna Have to Fight

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Image: Sony Pictures (YouTube)

The latest trailer for Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot introduces other super soldiers who have been given a second chance thanks to Rising Spirit Technologies. Will Nano-Baby Robots Boy have to face off against some of his friends in his quest for vengeance against the company that’s been manipulating him? I mean yeah. Just look at that gif!

The international trailer is here for Bloodshot, Sony’s first Valiant Comics adaptation that took years to finally come to fruition. It’s about a soldier named Ray Garrison (played by Diesel) who’s brought back to life and infused with nanobots that look like the aliens from Independence Day, which have made him super strong and can repair any injury. RST uses Garrison to assassinate targets, erasing and altering his memories to think that each time he’s killing the person who murdered the love of his life.

Once Garrison learns of their deception, he goes on the offensive and seeks revenge against RST and the people who’ve been controlling him. However, he’s going to have some other super-soldiers to contend with—played by Toby Kebbel, Sam Heughan, Eliza Gonzalez, and others. Will they also see the error of RST’s ways and join Garrison’s side? Hard to say. Well, except for that guy with Extendo Arms—pretty sure Garrison’s gonna kill him.


But even if all of Garrison’s allies turn against him, I’m sure he won’t be alone forever. After all, Sony’s got a living vampire in the wings just begging for a multi-comics-company crossover...


Bloodshot comes out on March 13, having been pushed back slightly from its original release date of February 21.

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