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A Simple Angled Plug Just Fixed Everything Wrong With Apple's MacBook Power Adapter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The MacBook itself is a gorgeous example of near-perfect product design. But its power adapter? That’s a different story.

The square white brick can be plugged directly into an outlet for when you want to carry minimal cables. But at an angle that’s impossibly awkward if not completely impossible. Thankfully, for just $20, you can easily fix it.


The pop-out prongs on the MacBook’s power adapter can be easily removed for when you need to swap in a different configuration for another country. But the standard one that works in North America? You’ll want to just throw it away and upgrade to Ten One Design’s new Blockhead.


It’s essentially the exact same adapter—just blue and equipped with prongs that sit at a 90-degree angle so that the MacBook’s adapter sits flush against a wall when plugged in. It not only allows it to squeeze into tight spaces, it also changes the power adapter’s center of gravity so it’s not prone to yanking itself out of the wall under its own weight.

It’s a cheap and simple solution to a problem that really shouldn’t exist. And if you own a MacBook, you should already be pre-ordering the $20 Blockhead on the Ten One Design website ahead of its April availability.

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