A Tactical Apron For Chefs Who Take Their BBQ Very Seriously

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For some, barbecuing is simply a means to heat food that involves the opportunity to play with fire. For others, it's as serious an operation as open heart surgery. And if the act of grilling a steak is far more important to you than actually eating one, you won't ever want to go near a BBQ again without this tactical apron backing you up.

Is it over the top and ridiculous? Absolutely. Is that what makes it so awesome? Most definitely. It of course won't protect you from bullets or other combat-related risks, but splattered grease and hot popping coals won't bother you when wrapped up in this all-cotton outer layer. The $35 apron, which debuted on ThinkGeek today, also includes two large pouches and three smaller ones that can be arranged and attached anywhere for maximum convenience. And in case someone forgets their place and tries to intervene at the grill, the apron is emblazoned with 'Chef' on the front and back to remind everyone who's in charge of the situation.