A Ton of Classic Macs Are Going Up for Auction

Tekserve, known as the “original Apple Store” and a technology icon in NYC for 29 years, sadly closed up shop this week. And in traditional “everything must go” style, is putting its gigantic collection of Macs up for auction.


And it’s seriously a lot of Macs. It’s not quiet the Mac collection we’ve seen from some avid Apple fans, but this lot would put you in the Mac-collecting big leagues in one feel swoop.

The 35-piece collection was part of Tekserve’s Mac Museum. To be annoyingly technical, they’re not all Macs. One black sheep (literally, it’s black) is the NeXTcube, the machine Jobs dreamed up after being let go from Apple. There’s also a Macintosh 128k signed by Wozniak himself.

The auction will kick off a little less than sixdays from now, but bids are already up to $29,000. If you can’t afford that hefty sum, no worries. There are some other gems as well, such as this poster:

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RIP, Tekserve.




Another perfectly viable, valuable, and unique business, forced to close over skyrocketing rents. And what will become of the space it inhabited? If it’s anything like the dozens of other lost treasures of late, it will be taken over by yet another shitty outpost of some corporate cancer like Shitpotle or Shlubway, or worse, sit empty, like so many retail spaces have lately.

Pretty soon NYC is just going to turn into a giant fucking Snickers bar.