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A Woman's Life Since 1936, As Captured By A Shooting Gallery

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A woman finds herself at a shooting gallery. She wants to shoot. If she hits the target, a picture of her will be taken. She hits. That was 1936. She did the same thing almost every year after that.

Her name is Ria van Dijk and she started making trips to the shooting galleries when she was 16. Even at 88, she continued her tradition, getting a photograph taken every year. The photographs were collected by Erik Kessels and Joep Eijkens in a book called In Almost Every Picture #7. It's an amazing series, not only for her dedication, but to be able to take a looking glass into all the different eras she's lived in.


You see how much style has changed, in the early days, girls wore long coats and boys wore suits, now everyone wears t-shirts. You notice how much people have grown, young becomes old while race becomes mixed. And then you realize how cool this Ria van Dijk must've been, going to the shooting gallery every year, aiming, shooting and hitting. Throughout it all she keeps her form straight and eyes on the target. See her pictures throughout the years here. It's just lovely. [Lens Culture via Neatorama]