Actual Motherfucking Snake Found on Actual Motherfucking Plane

Image: Twitter / Indelicio Medina
Image: Twitter / Indelicio Medina

Ten years ago, Samuel L. Jackson warned us about those motherfucking snakes. Now it’s real. On a commercial flight to Mexico City, there was an actual snake on an actual plane.


A Twitter user kindly provided us with video proof of this extraordinary incident.

How did the snake get on the plane? How did it get loose? Is everyone okay?

In a statement to the AP, AeroMexico said that the plane got priority landing and that workers “secured the reptile.” But honestly, if this flight crew doesn’t offer up a free showing of Snakes on a Plane on its next flight, it’s really missing an opportunity for greatness.


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The really terrifying snakes were on Planet Earth II last night. 🐍🐍🐍