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Just the other day, I shared an Adebisi Shank song with you guys not only because I loved it but because I thought it was on their new album. It wasn't, at least that version. But this version, revealed exclusively here at Gizmodo (oooOOOooo), is.


For those of you who have missed the boat, Adebisi Shank is a fantastic math-rocky instrumental band, the minds behind a whole bunch of songs that help me wake up in the morning to this very day.


Voodoo Vision is one of the tracks that'll be on their upcoming (and appropriately-named) album This Is the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank and it's a trip. It's got a lot more effects than the original, stripped-down, beta version, but they add to a sort of video-gamey feel that gives the song a sort of souped-up chiptunes vibe, without robbing the guitar hook of any of its raw hookiness. I almost think I like the original better, but it's close.

So check it out below, and stay tuned for the full release of Adebisi Shank's album this summer. In the meantime, rock out dudes.

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