Bala Bangles Review

Whoever originally designed ankle weights had the right idea. The execution, however, needed some work. And it took until 2018—the dawn of the Bala Bangles—that we finally got the ankle weight we deserve. Bala Bangles are not the clunky sand-and-Velcro beast from Jane Fonda’s TV fitness era. They’re decidedly sleek; the entire internet has discovered that they photograph well, for goodness sake.

Bala wrist weights were launched into small biz stardom by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, and since has developed design-forward workout equipment that keeps a low profile but still begs to be seen. Each of Bala’s wellness products intend to inspire playful movement centered around joy—not punishment. Beyond the Bangles, other Bala products include Power Rings, resistance bands, Beams (like an extremely cute barbell), yoga blocks, Bala Bars (dumbbells without the bulk), and more.

As we continue with the social media and pandemic-friendly, “hot girl walk” fitness trend that normalizes everyday movement as good movement, Bala’s fitness accessories, and especially Bala Bangles, seem to be the ideal accessory: They’re stylish, functional, and add just enough weight in a 1 or 2-pound set to feel your body working. What’s more, for anyone with a tiny home gym, none of the brand’s workout gear takes up a lot of space, making your at-home workouts easier than ever. And with a rainbow of hues available to choose from, it’s easy to add these 1 and 2-pound weights to your cart without knowing—or caring—how they perform. But with all of their aesthetic value, do Bala Bangles live up to the hype?

In our review, we break down everything you never thought to ask about the buzzy Bala Bangles. You’ll learn the pros and cons, how to use them, how much they cost, and more. We also answer a few FAQ’s, too.

Are Bala Bangles Worth It?

Bala Bangles Review

Reasons to buy Bala Bangles:

They’re a stylish alternative to bulky, sand-filled ankle weights of yore.

They provide an easy way to give both low-impact workouts and everyday activities a strength boost.

Reasons to skip Bala Bangles:

Weight plates can feel uncomfortable around ankles without high socks.

The Velcro loosens during high-impact workouts like HIIT or running.

Bala Bangles Specs

Material: Steel, silicone, elastic, Velcro

Weight Options: 1lb, 2lbs

Colors available: Stone, Soleil, Charcoal, Blush, Sand, Sea, Sage, Heather, Shine

We know that wearable weights aren’t new, but Bala’s are the first of their kind to utilize steel instead of sand or other bulky weight materials. This means that Bala Bangles have a consistent weight throughout, versus weights filled with sand, where the contents tend to move around.

Once you fasten the Velcro straps, you upgrade an otherwise everyday activity or bodyweight workout into something a little more spicy. These weights add a constant—but not intrusive—resistance to any movement, whether you’re wearing them on your wrists or ankles. And just because they only weigh a single pound (or two pounds, if you opt for the heavier pair) doesn’t mean you won’t reap serious benefits over time. Adding even a little bit of resistance to your movement can help you build muscle, increase your heart rate, and burn more calories than bodyweight movement.

Since this workout accessory has such a low profile, it’s easy to add into almost any movement. I’ve worn them during strength training, mat Pilates, walking and barre. I’ve found that my muscles feel more active and engaged, and that I work the small muscles that often get ignored, like my lats. If you struggle to incorporate fitness equipment into your movement routine, I think Bala Bangles are the perfect way in, mostly because they’re so chic. It’s not embarrassing or weird to wear these out and about, and they don’t add much weight to your bag while traveling, either.

How to Use Bala Bangles

So you’re gearing up for your first workout with your new Bala Bangles. To start, decide whether you want to wear them on your wrists or ankles. For workouts like barre or Pilates, we recommend sliding them on your wrists to up the ante of bodyweight moves and keep your hands free from dumbbells. Since they’re lighter in weight, they can keep you from automatically overusing your neck and traps for upper body moves (something many of us with weaker arms tend to do). If you’re getting set up for a cardio workout like spin class, wear the Bangles on your ankles for a little more lower body spice. For walking, the weights are great on both your arms and legs. In any workout, ensure that the Bangles aren’t hindering your form to prevent injuries. And yes, sometimes that means swallowing your pride and trying again tomorrow.

If you want to get used to the Bangles before heading into a workout, try wearing them on your wrists or ankles around the house while you vacuum, put away laundry, wash the dishes, or even work from home. This will help you understand the way your muscles respond to low-level, constant resistance. And it’ll turn your everyday chores into more of a workout—without even trying.

Perhaps you’re putting together a workout of your own and you want to implement the Bala Bangles. Slide them around your wrists and perform bicep curls, arm circles, triceps pulses, or side body stretches. Want a lower body burn? Put the Bangles around your ankles for standing leg abductions, butt kickers, donkey kicks (hello, glutes!), or mountain climbers.

Bala Bangles Features


Thanks to their soft silicone exterior, Bala Bangles feel soft and smooth to the touch. Each bar, or weight plate, has rounded edges to keep you from getting uncomfortable during your workout. The elastic is tightly woven so as not to pinch your skin. Some product reviews note that they’re comfortable to wear on your wrists, but can be uncomfortable to wear on your ankles without high socks.

The Look

Chances are, you or your mom have a pair of 1980s-era, sand-filled ankle weights that would be better suited preventing your home from flooding than amplifying your workout. Bala Bangles are stylish, with clean lines and a minimalist silhouette, and they come in a handful of different colors, including on-trend muted, pastel, and limited edition marble tones. There’s little bulk, and they come with a mesh carrying case to keep ‘em tidy.


The weight plates on each Bala Bangle are made with high-quality stainless steel and finished with a thick layer of silicone, making them resistant to everyday wear-and-tear. They’re easy to wipe clean and don’t have a tendency to crack or break. The elastic and Velcro part of the Bangle is largely well-constructed, however, reviewers note that over time or during high-impact activities, the Velcro loosens. This means frequent readjusting, which can get frustrating during a workout.

Frequently Asked Questions